"I am a Bulgarian!", A dream, created in 27 Bulgarian paintings. A longing for studying, researching and passing on our story.
Seeing a creator of the combination of a beautiful young woman, the traditional Bulgarian clothing and a historical object.

8080 kilometers traveled, 20 modern Bulgarian women, 2 children, 111 hours of photos, over 20 000 shots and many learned lessons and stories.
Photographs that recreate the atmosphere of the place today, but also its spirit from the golden period of the Renaissance.

The love and honor of Radoslav Parvanov to the Motherland, shown in a large painting made up of 22 persons.
"I am a Bulgarian!" - the idea that should teach the children and provoke the interest of future visitors in every landmark.

Bulgaria, presented in an unconventional way, fascinating with color and charm, charming and real, as the alien must see and remember. And it is obvious that everyone who has seen the Bulgarian smile, our nature and our heritage, immediately falls in love and wants to see more and more.

In 2018 another 20 stories will be filmed in the rest of Bulgaria.

© 2020 Радослав Първанов

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